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cute rocks


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People will do anything to stop being lonely - just as people will do anything to stop suffocating…That is the great American disease, which is so easily exploited by cynical people. It’s loneliness. It is unbearable.
— Kurt Vonnegut. “The Melancholia of Everything Completed,” in Kurt Vonnegut: The Last Interview and Other Conversations. Edited by Tom McCartan. (Brooklyn: Melville House, 2011): 146. [This interview originally appeared in Stop Smiling, August 2006]. (via thesewindmills)
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youre gonna look so godamn cool


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Friesian horse

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You play as Amna and Saif, a mother and son. Your loved one has fallen deathly ill and the only chance of a cure lies deep within a mysterious forest. Only together can you overcome the trials of the landscape and the great beasts of the forest to find the cure in time.

The core of Together is interdependence. Everything requires two players, working together.  Designing co-op from the ground up we are able to explore and do things that would otherwise be impossible.

We believe that games are an art form and wish to bring the experience to new audiences. We have kept the controls simple and the core game friendly. 

During the beta phase we will do everything we can to make the game playable for those with specific needs.Colors used in game mechanics were planned with the color blind in mind. Controls are kept simple to be accessible to as many people as possible. The game can be played with one hand.
Together will release initially on PC. Additional platforms may become available as stretch goals. You will both be able to play using the same keyboard. Controllers and mouse will be supported as well.

Together: Amna & Saif Kickstarter (ends June 30)

This is a collaborative project between munroevan and I. We’ve worked very hard on it and would love you to support us on kickstarter so we can take this game much further. Additionally, if you  have any feedback for what you see please message me! We are trying to make this game as inclusive as possible and your feedback is vital. Thanks!

Here’s more on ‘Together.’  my last post the gifs were being difficult.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this project, and i’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback

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A tour of the British Isles in accents

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Mada’in Saleh - Modern Saudi Arabia - built between 100 BC - 100 AD

Built by the Nabataean Kingdom prior to Roman annexation, these series of tombs were abandoned by the time Islam became predominant in the region.

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Man’s greatest invention. [video]

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New hair

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